HIGH PERFORMANCE. LEADERSHIP. WWW. A Toastmasters International. Leadership Development. Program www. WWW. TOASTMASTERS. Toastmasters International, the Toastmasters International logo, and all other . project for the “High Performance Leadership” assignment and also guide you in. Toastmasters High Performance Leadership (HPL). What is an HPL? A 5-part step-by-step guide on leading a team through an event or long.

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Bellingham Evening Toastmasters is an evening club where members practice their public speaking and leadership skills. High Performance Leadership Toastmaster # A manual transformation and merger of the target files(Toastmaster corporate. This five-project Toastmasters High Performance Leadership program offers instruction and practice in vital leadership skills.

Along the way you will hear many hilarious and embarrassing stories that will no doubt make you feel better about your own life.

He has competed in speech competitions, participated in open mics, and has given close to speeches across 5 districts. He has never cancelled on a speech. He believes that the best people to learn from are the ones that have to struggle the most to succeed. Bio Meredith Crawford is the founder of Solerno Media, a marketing agency that empowers non-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurs doing business with heart to tell and share their stories.

VP Membership Resources

She is also an advisory board member to Hack the Hood, an Oakland-based non-profit that introduces low-income youth of color to careers in tech. In , she negotiated the acquisition of WorkStraight, a work order software solution. Two clients, a Fortune company and a business training company had banner revenue years.

Both clients attribute their success to working with MindShare Design. As a bonus, attendees will receive a take-home resource to help them utilize and implement the principles learned in the session.

By the end of this session, you will know how to: Evaluate your current approach to career management, and identify gaps Improve how you approach your job search to maximize access to the right opportunities Bio Suzanne is a Career Advancement Coach and the Founder and CEO of LevelUp Careers, which she established to provide greater awareness, understanding and tools for aspiring executives to achieve their goals.

Prior to executive recruiting, Suzanne managed the strategic services program for the New Zealand Government in North America.

Using a creative tool that you will use frequently any time you need to write a speech or get clarity surrounding a personal or business issue you need to solve. He will demonstrate how to write a great speech faster than can be imagined, while learning about the greatest problem-solving tool ever invented.

Whether it is retirement, sale of a business, the death of a loved one or any other life change, Gary has been a thinking partner with his clients in transition into their new post-transition lives.

Upon returning to the U. He will complete his DTM in You can throw away the script of life and start living.

High Performance Leadership

You will see how you gain greater control by letting go. You will learn how to find excellence by epically failing! Learn how to use new tools to fashion a new outlook and a new you! After this session, you will leave with a better understanding of how to communicate more effectively, collaborate more deeply and Co-create more effectively.

With just two words, he will show you how to change your point of view and capture excellence. Bio Randy is a Toastmaster since , Randy splits his time as an author, inventor and award-winning speaker.

A business development leader for over 30 years in the Specialty and Natural Food Industry. Randy established the gold standard for sales performance.

In addition to recruiting and training teams that attained all time sales records, his direction resulted in over million dollars of new launch revenue. Why is that? Often the reason is a difference in behavioral styles.

He is currently a member of three Toastmasters Clubs, including an advanced club. Michelle Peticolas Allow Change to Unblock Your Brilliance While change and challenge can be difficult and even stressful, they also can provide an opportunity for growth and empowerment.

The same emotions and mindset that feed our resistance to change can also block our brilliance.

In this workshop, Dr. From these you will create your action team, from as few as people to as many as Hold a meeting and invite your action team. Create an action strategy for your team.

This will consist of the deliverables that the team will have to produce in order to accomplish the project. Create an action plan for your team. This will consist of the action items that the team will have to perform in order to produce the deliverables mentioned in the previous step.

Create roles for the action team, goals or milestones to be achieved on the way towards completing the action plan, and develop a timetable for the action plan. Meet with your Guidance Committee to go over your project action strategy, action plan, and project schedule. Hold periodic progress review meetings.

High Performance Leadership

Deal with obstacles, setbacks, and problems. Deal with people problems and resolve conflicts.

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High Performance Leadership – Challenging yourself to make a difference

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