A Song of Ice and Fire is told through the eyes of characters who are sometimes hundreds or even thousands of miles apart from one another. Some chapters. A Song of Ice and Fire 3 - A Storm of Swords. Home · A Song of Ice and Fire 3 George R.R. Martin - Song of Ice and Fire 03 - A Storm of Swords · Read more. A Storm of Swords is the third of seven planned novels in A Song of Ice and Fire, a fantasy series by American author George R. R. Martin. It was first published.

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3. A Storm of Swords (pdf) - plik 'A Song of Ice and Fire (Books 1 - 5) [PDF] > George R.R. Martin'. Inne dokumenty: A Song of Ice and Fire (Books 1 - 5) [PDF], . EASY. AVERAGE DIFFICULT. The Books. • Book 1: A Game of Thrones. • Book 2 : A Clash of Kings. • Book 3: A Storm of Swords. • Book 4: A Feast for Crows. A song of Ice and Fire 3; A Storm of A_song_of_Ice_and_Fire_3; (filstorlek: 2,39 Mbyte, MIME-typ.

Oberyn nearly emerges victorious, but is ultimately killed by Gregor, although the poison on Oberyn's spear leaves Gregor dying in agony. Tyrion is again condemned to death but is freed by Jaime and Varys.

Jaime reveals that Tyrion's first wife Tysha, who Tywin had gang-raped by his garrison and forced Tyrion to participate, was not a prostitute as Tywin told him, and genuinely loved Tyrion.

During Tyrion's escape, he strangles Shae and kills Tywin in his privy before fleeing Westeros. At the Eyrie, Littlefinger and Lysa are married, and Sansa remains hidden by pretending to be an illegitimate daughter of Littlefinger's, named Alayne Stone.

Lysa reveals that Littlefinger had convinced her to poison Jon Arryn , her late husband, to prevent her son from being fostered to Stannis Baratheon, and to write to Catelyn that Arryn had been poisoned by the Lannisters, which was the catalyst for the events of A Game of Thrones. Lysa threatens to kill Sansa, thinking she is trying to seduce Littlefinger, but Littlefinger intervenes and, after revealing that he had only ever loved Catelyn, pushes Lysa to her death.

The Watch are attacked by undead wights and the Others, suffering heavy casualties; but Samwell Tarly kills one of the Others with a blade of dragonglass.

At Craster's Keep, some of the Watch mutiny and kill Mormont and Craster, but Sam escapes with the help of one of Craster's daughter-wives, Gilly, and they and the girl's newborn child approach the Wall, assisted by a strange figure riding an elk , whom Sam calls Coldhands. Among the dead are most of the Watch's senior leadership.

Jon convinces Mance that he is a deserter from the Night's Watch and learns that the Others are driving the wildlings south towards the Wall. Jon and his captor Ygritte also begin a sexual relationship. Mance seeks the legendary Horn of Winter to shatter the Wall.

3. A Storm of Swords .pdf

After climbing the Wall, the wildlings press Jon to murder a homeless man. When Jon refuses, the wildlings turn on him but Jon, with the assistance of Bran's direwolf Summer Bran and company are hiding in a nearby abandoned tower , kills many of the wildlings and escapes to Castle Black.

The approaching wildling army reaches Castle Black and assaults the Wall; but Jon takes command of the defenses and repels several assaults, during which Ygritte is slain. After that, Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne imprison Jon for treachery and subsequently send him north of the Wall to kill Mance under a pretense of parley.

As Jon is talking with Mance in the wildling camp, the army of King Stannis arrives, routing the Wildlings, and Mance is imprisoned.

Melisandre believes the wildling invasion to portend the return of the Great Other, the sworn foe of her god R'hllor. Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and make him Lord of Winterfell in exchange for his support, but when his direwolf Ghost unexpectedly returns, Jon decides to decline Stannis' offer.

A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold, Part 2

Across the Narrow Sea[ edit ] Heading for Pentos by sea, Daenerys Targaryen learns that large slave armies can be bought in the cities of Slaver's Bay , and exchanges one of her infant dragons for the entire host of the warrior-eunuch Unsullied.

Upon payment, which includes Drogon the largest and strongest of her dragons , Daenerys orders the Unsullied to turn on their former masters and sack the city. With the help of her maturing dragons, she frees all the slaves of Astapor. Daenerys' horde then conquers the slaver city of Yunkai ; but the lords of neighbouring Meereen antagonize Daenerys by killing child slaves and burning the land to deny her resources.

Consequently, Daenerys besieges the city to no avail. Daenerys discovers two traitors in her camp: Ser Jorah Mormont , who had spied on her for Varys, informant to the late King Robert Baratheon, in exchange for a royal pardon; and Arstan Whitebeard, an alias of Ser Barristan Selmy , the humiliated former Lord Commander of Robert Baratheon's Kingsguard. Daenerys offers both men the chance to make amends by sneaking into Meereen to free the slaves and start an uprising.

Meereen soon falls and, in retaliation for the murdered child slaves, Daenerys has the city's rulers put to death. Selmy asks for Daenerys' forgiveness and becomes Lord Commander of her Queensguard while Jorah, who refuses to admit any wrong, is banished.

When Daenerys learns that the council she left in Astapor has been overthrown, she decides to rule Meereen to practice for the rule of Westeros. He also tells her that he had killed the former King Aerys II Targaryen because he planned to burn the city and its inhabitants with wildfire to spite Robert Baratheon. Robb's forces dwindle further at the Battle of Duskendale, wherein the eastern half of the Stark's armies, under the command of Roose Bolton, are ambushed by a joint army under Gregor Clegane and Lord Randyll Tarly.

More losses are taken as the army retreats.

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Meanwhile, the Greyjoys now hold the Neck, having taken Moat Cailin, thus barring Robb from returning to his homeland. Robb gains renewed hope when he learns that Balon Greyjoy has died in a fall from a bridge, whereafter two of Balon's brothers, as well as his daughter Asha , vie to succeed him. Arya Stark and her friends encounter the "Brotherhood Without Banners", led by Lord Beric Dondarrion and the red priest Thoros of Myr : originally sent by Eddard Stark to put down the Lannister raids, the band now defends the smallfolk of the Riverlands.

The group encounters Sandor Clegane , known as the Hound, who abandoned Joffrey during the Battle of the Blackwater, and offers him trial by battle , which he wins by killing Beric, but Thoros resurrects Beric thereafter. Arya is kidnapped by the Hound for ransom, and they proceed to Riverrun.

On their journey, they discover that Robb and Catelyn will be at Edmure's wedding at the Frey bridge-stronghold The Twins , and change their destination accordingly.

Robb Stark's army reaches the Twins, where Walder agrees to forgive Robb if the wedding between Edmure and Roslin takes place. At the wedding celebration, the Boltons and Freys turn on the Stark soldiers, massacring the Stark forces.

Robb is murdered by Roose Bolton, while Catelyn has her throat cut by Raymund Frey and her body is thrown into the adjacent river. Many of the northern lords are killed, and the survivors captured. Edmure, after consummating his marriage, is kept as a hostage. These events become known as the Red Wedding. It is thereafter revealed that Roose Bolton engineered the defeat at Duskendale by sending Robb's soldiers into a trap set by the Lannisters, while holding his own forces in reserve, and arranging that all but his own forces would be slaughtered in rearguard.

A Song of Ice and Fire 3 - A Storm of Swords

The combined effect was to kill off the forces of other Northern houses loyal to Robb while leaving the Bolton army unscathed. Arya and the Hound arrive at the outskirts of the castle as the Red Wedding is taking place; to keep her from running inside to her death, the Hound knocks Arya unconscious and takes her downriver. As she sleeps, Arya sees through the eyes of her long-missing direwolf, Nymeria, that her mother Catelyn is dead, the direwolf pulling Catelyn's body from the river.

Arya and the Hound encounter Gregor Clegane's men, by whom the Hound is wounded.

3. A Storm of Swords.pdf

His wound becomes infected, and Arya abandons him. She finds a ship from the Free City of Braavos and asks for passage to Eastwatch, but the captain refuses her passage until she offers him the coin and password "Valar Morghulis", given to her by Jaqen H'ghar.

The captain replies "Valar Dohaeris", and they set sail. In the epilogue , a re-animated but decayed and mutilated Catelyn is leading the Brotherhood Without Banners, and she oversees the lynching of two Freys present at the Red Wedding. Stannis survived the Blackwater due to Rolland Storm commanding his rearguard and enabling him to escape to the fleet.

Davos blames the red priestess Melisandre for Stannis's defeat and the deaths of his four eldest sons, and is imprisoned for treason Melisandre having foreseen his intention to assassinate her.

At Melisandre's behest, Stannis releases Davos and asks him to serve as his Hand. Stannis' previous Hand, his wife's uncle Lord Alester Florent, tried to make terms with the Lannisters behind Stannis' back, and has thus been arrested.

With Stannis' cooperation, Melisandre has performed rituals to awaken "stone dragons", which she identifies as the great statues adjacent to the castle. Sansa is soon compelled to marry Tyrion Lannister to enable Lannister control of the North and to foil a Tyrell plot to marry her to Willas Tyrell and claim the North themselves.

Chapter 67 Chapter 68 Chapter Chapter 70 Chapter 71 Chapter Chapter 73 Chapter 74 Chapter Chapter 76 Chapter 77 Chapter Chapter 79 Chapter 80 Chapter Chapter 82 Chapter At the time of its publication, A Storm of Swords was the longest novel in the series. It was so long that in the UK, Australia and Israel its paperback edition was split in half, Part 1 being published as Steel and Snow in June with the one-volume cover and Part 2 as Blood and Gold in August with a specially-commissioned new cover.

The same division was used in the Polish and Greek editions. In France, the decision was made to cut the novel into four separate volumes. You can watch game of thrones movies here. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are list of books in the series A Game of Thrones Tarth is an island. What if it tells what we did? When the boats were fifty yards apart, Jaime cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted back over the water. It was the bastard Jon Snow who had taken that from him, him and his fat friend Sam Tarly.

Their most seasoned raiders will be with Harma Dogshead in that van. Nor Jarman Buckwell.

Chapter 37 Chapter 38 Chapter Stannis, though It is thereafter revealed that Roose Bolton engineered the defeat at Duskendale by sending Robb's soldiers into a trap set by the Lannisters, while holding his own forces in reserve, and arranging that all but his own forces would be slaughtered in rearguard. Not Kingslayer.