MOOSEJAW WINTER X-RAY CATALOG PDF, Products 1 - 12 of 12 Moosejaw X-RAY - The Moosejaw X-Ray App is. Moosejaw X-RAY - The Moosejaw X-Ray App is an augmented reality experience designed to work with the Moosejaw Winter Catalog (Available November spending more time with the Moosejaw winter catalog in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and Cyber. Monday. The Moosejaw X-ray app is an augmented.

Moosejaw Winter 2012 X-ray Catalog Pdf

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Products 1 - 12 of 12 rumors of the death of catalogs were great Naked? For its Winter catalog, Moosejaw X-Ray, for Androids and iPhones, for cus- tomers to. Download free Moosejaw X-Ray for your Android phone or tablet, file size: to work with the Moosejaw Winter Catalog (Available November 15, ) . Description of Moosejaw X-RAY. Moosejaw X-RAY is an application for work with the Moosejaw Winter Catalog in augmented reality right from.

In December Moosejaw released the X-Ray catalog and app which boosted sales. The catalog showed models wearing the clothing items that are being sold and with the X-ray app you could scan the page with your mobile phone or tablet and it would show the models in their underwear.

This catalog and app are still in the Moosejaw arsenal for specific sale promotions. The online catalog is the same as the paper one but is interactive and every item of clothing can be clicked on to be sent to a page with more information about the item. They work to maintain an effortless transition for their customers when they go from shopping on the phone to the internet or to the physical store locations.

Products decline in shipments as shown in chart above. These products are in their maturity stage. The products are considered in the maturity stage because sales have stabilized. The main concern when coming out with new products for these companies is how they will differentiate their products from those of their competitors. Moosejaw also sells their own brand and these products are generally in their introduction. Moosejaw is a newer line of these products so they are emerging into the market.

Sales are increasing rapidly due to the trusted brand name and because they are sold side by side with the major product developers.

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The major advantage that these stores have over Moosejaw is size. They can, because of their size, 5.

The store layout is also seen as a negative thing with display walls in the middle of the store blocking the view of the back portion of the store.

The size issue also allows them to have higher prices than the smaller retailer stores. REI has an advantage over Moosejaw because of all their locations. They are located in a variety of states, mainly in California. Their target markets are both the athletic, tech savvy, younger crowd.

They have the same price points.

XRAY - Model racing cars

Also, when the customer goes into the store, the same feel and vibe is perceived. A major strength of REI is when the customer enters the store they actually feel like they are outside, not just in a retail store. The rustic feel inside REI is often times a weakness as well, because the customer can get lost in all the test equipment and forget why they are really in the store.

REI stores have very large layouts which can lead to the loss of relaxed, one-on-one interaction between customer and employee. The brand name of the product being the name of the store is a positive aspect for The North Face; it adds brand equity and brand loyalty for customers.

The weakness of having a brand store is only selling the one brand and not having any variety of other products to offer. The North Face also has limited amount of store locations so it is harder for customers to find a location. This is a vulnerability to them since it makes them that less connected to their consumers.

The target customer is also known to be communicating with their peers through their mobile phones. The people that shop at Moosejaw are outgoing and adventurous. They take care of themselves and enjoy partaking in new things. They evaluate products based on how long they are made to last and how they are made. The consumer also cares about giving back and appreciate that Moosejaw sells brands like Patagonia who is very involved in green production and giving back to the community.

They download their products because of how it can help them in their adventures like a new winter jacket or new hiking shoes. Target Market: Moosejaw has a younger target that is also interested in adventure and outdoor activities, anti-corporate, and very energetic.

The target market focuses on sports such as hiking, camping, climbing, running, yoga, and snow activities.

The target market spends more time texting than face-to-face talking or emailing their peers. They use the products that Moosejaw sells to aid them in their adventurous lifestyles. This will continue to be the target market for the proposed promotional strategy.

Target Resellers: Moosejaw is the reseller in this market. They sell products from many popular companies including: Current Moosejaw Promotions: The main promotional goal for Moosejaw is to continue their current image. The image of outdoor adventure is the main contributor to the success of the business. The target market is very well defined and good values are shown through the current promotion, such as giving back to the community. The interactive markets, social media, and Moosejaw Madness helps connect the company to their customers who are huge into word of mouth and communicate mostly through their mobile phones.

This new promotional trend is a nice way for the brand to show that they are connected to their consumers and spreads a good feeling through the Moosejaw community. Our Promotional Ideas: This could increase brand loyalty and a sense of connectedness To get more customers into the store the company could use their social media pages, mostly Facebook. There could be QR Codes in the physical stores, and when a customer scans a QR code it would then transport the customer to the Facebook page.

Moosejaw could track how many people were drawn in by this promotion by how many likes they receive through the QR code. After the customer likes the Facebook page, Moosejaw can then send them the latest promotions through a post on the company page or through a message. This strategy will create awareness seeing how the target market is tech- savvy and very involved in texting their peers.

The consumer could spread the word of the promotion to their friends on social media and thus increase the number of people that would see it. QR Code 9. For example, Moosejaw would send out direct mail promotional postcards. The postcard would not only act as a coupon, but also contain a specialized barcode that has the personal information of the receiver, such as their address.

Moosejaw can use this information to locate their heavy traffic flows of customers, their busy seasons, and popularity of store locations. The tracking system can monitor the address of the consumer, to see the convenience of the store locations. This will help in expansion of new stores. Our final idea would be strictly involving the app on a smartphone. Instead of having to go into the store to scan the code, Moosejaw would have the QR code displayed on a print ad. The customer would see the QR code and they would be able to scan the code right at their own convenience.

Once the code is scanned, the customer will be taken to a page that prompts them to enter their email address to receive the latest promotions. This idea is more accessible to consumers and draws them into the store with their new promotion. When a consumer prints off a coupon and brings it into the store, it is then scanned and entered internally to MooseTracks.

A3 Billboard Advertisement………. A4 E-Blast Advertisement………………………………………………………………………… A6 Publicity………………………………………………………………………………………….

A7 References……………………………………………………………………………………….. A8 In all facets of their website and marketing strategy displays a relaxed, silly, and humorous tone. Moosejaw interests us because of their unique and innovative way they implement cross-channel marketing communication techniques. Promotional Goal The promotional goal is to raise awareness of Moosejaw Madness, what is included in Moosejaw Madness, and building the Moosejaw brand at the same time.

Madness is a portal of the Moosejaw website that creates a fun environment while shopping with Moosejaw. The print ad will act as a way to spread the Moosejaw and Moosejaw Madness brand. It will be a reminder ad to those consumers who already know about Moosejaw while also getting the attention of possible new customers as well. It will tell the reader some details as to what is found on the webpage and direct them to the page and to the Moosejaw social media pages.

Message strategy: On the print ad will be a description of what is to be found on the Moosejaw Madness page giving details on certain things like the "Custy Pics" page where people can submit photos of themselves on an adventure and few pictures posted by others.

The print ad will also inform the reader that the site gives out free gear to people who visit the site. The ad will also have any promotions on it and the newest items that are in for the season.

Media strategy: These print ads will be in appropriate magazines to the nature of the store. Since Moosejaw is also an online retailer, these print ads could appear in any regional printing of the magazine to test market interest and see if building a new physical branch would be worthwhile. One way to measure if the print ad had any effect on the promotional goal is to see if the Madness page hits-per-day has increased after the date the ad appeared in the magazines.

There could be a promotion which prompts the customer to enter a code at check out, this will give them a small discount, but the offer code will be specific to that print ad. This would be an easy way to see how many people the ad reached assuming everyone remembers to enter the check out code. Importance of various tools: The print ads will have a large importance on the overall promotional goal.

The magazines that the ad will appear in are very specific to the life style Moosejaw is associated with and should reach a large audience with minimal wasted coverage. Billboards Objectives: The use of billboards will help get the Moosejaw name and Moosejaw Madness out there to those who may not normally be exposed to it who are interested in Moosejaw related products. The billboard will get fans, new customers, and current customers to visit and interact with the website and especially the Madness portal.

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The billboard will display a facet of Moosejaw Madness, for example, Moosejaw flags. Moosejaw flags display pictures of fans and customers who sent in their pictures, who love to travel, explore, and adventure new lands. Here, you can request a Moosejaw Flag, which displays the Moosejaw name, logo, and slogan. Next, go out on an adventure and take a picture! Then, submit it into Moosejaw. It will gain attention and draw in attraction by connecting to people who love an adventure and love to explore.

The billboards that will be targeted will primarily be on the highways surrounding the locations of the majority of our stores in Michigan, in Colorado, and Massachusetts, as well as in new markets we have yet to penetrate. Some of these areas include Arizona, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana Advertising in these new areas will help to see if these markets are financially strong enough and beneficial for Moosejaw to locate a store there. Measures of effectiveness: Measuring the effectiveness of billboards is one of the negatives of using this tool.

It is extremely difficult to measure the effectiveness of billboards. One way that may help in this regard is to survey the customer as a part of the check-out system online.

Moosejaw follows a very unorthodox way of advertising and interacting with its customers, and we believe it would be appropriate to not conduct surveys in person, in their stores. Another creative and effective way to measure the use of billboards is to promote a sales code on specific billboards that customers can redeem later when downloading a product from Moosejaw.

This could potentially be a great way to receive statistics on the effectiveness of billboards. It could indicate which billboard the customer seen and how effective it was for each separate location. The hardship with this strategy is to design an effective billboard where people who pass by can retain the sales code. A recent study of billboard users found that compared with other media, billboards were rated higher in terms of ability to communicate information affordably, attract new customers, and increase sales USE and Effectiveness of Billboards Billboards are very important, and allows us the benefit of not having to spend much of the promotion budget for a good number of billboards spots.

E-Blasts Objectives: This in turn will result as increased sales. Registered Moosejaw customers who opt in to receive the E-Blast via e-mail will be sent the promotions.

Here, there will be promotions, such as price offs like 20 percent off one item and have special shopping times. Registered Moosejaw customers will be sent an e-blast promotion through e- mail.

When the customer makes a download or just decides to register, they will have the option to receive these e-blast promotions by checking the proper decision box. E-blasts are extremely easy to track online. This includes demographics and how effective each promotion of price offs were. When the customer signs up for e-mails, they will be asked how they heard about Moosejaw.

This will help us see which promotional tools are the most effective. E-blasts will help display the Madness portal of the website while also offering incentives to download with price offs. This will be an effective way to increase sales and to increase awareness of the Madness portal to our existing customers.

Although E- Blasts will be present, they will not be a main focus of the promotion mix. Direct Mail Objectives: We don't hibernate. Discover winter in Saskatchewan and enjoy all the fun this season brings. Twitter and Pinterest.

Ray Pickering from Moose Jaw shows.. Future Games. The Mural is bordered with diamond shaped geometric designs symbolizing and. Crokicurl was a huge success this winter season. Attached in PDF.. Letter dated April 26, from Mr. Letter dated May 1 , from Mr. David Foley,.. The Dalhousie Student Life Experience:The print ads will have a large importance on the overall promotional goal. Another creative and effective way to measure the use of billboards is to promote a sales code on specific billboards that customers can redeem later when downloading a product from Moosejaw.

The ownership group is still talking with companies about moving into the building, although no leases have been signed yet.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Discover winter in Saskatchewan and enjoy all the fun this season brings. Palliser Regional Library chairman Jim Atchymichuk offers his remarks during the annual general meeting, as director Jan Smith looks on. Attached in PDF.. Division 2 Soccer team. In lexisnexis.